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Building Your Own Replacement Number Plate

If you simply want to replace your old or broken number plate, then you found the correct place. With the above plate maker you will be able to build your own replacement 100% legal number plates. If you also looking to customise it without making your plate illegal, then rest assure all the options available to use on our site would not get you in trouble, in terms of character spacing, font styles, badges etc.

Beware of other suppliers offerting show plates stating they are for off road use as they will likely NOT meet the required BSAU 145D Standard. Show Number Plates are illegal and police are now actively checking cars looking for people who brake the dvla's rules. To ensure that you are compliant with Police checks and MOT requirements then choose a registered supplier like us or you could be fined.

We Make Replacement Number Plates... So if you need to change your old or

damaged registration, just click here to build your new ones.

* Cheapest in the Market & 100% Legal Plates from DVLA approved supplier 0208 144 1715

* Free Fixing Kit and Same day Postage..

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